With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience using tried and tested methods, our team will help take your skills to the next level using evidence based education.

Charlotte Stebbing-Mills

Master Trainer for Mindset Mastery For Fitness Professionals

Charlotte Stebbing-Mills is a health, life and fitness educator, specialising in Mindset Transformation. She integrates mental and physical strategies that lead to optimal health. She is a liscenced Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, TPT Practitioner, as well as 15years experience in the Fitness industry working with thousands of clients at varying levels. She has several specialist areas including Cardiac Rehabilitation, Obesity and Behaviour Change Psychology. She has progressed through many different roles starting as a Fitness Instructor to PT, to Fitness Management including Regional and National roles in the Middle East. She found her passion and is dedicated to mastering human psychology to innovate fitness education and raise the standards within the industry.

Founder of Kaizen Lifespark


Charles Barclay 

Master Trainer For Applied Nutrition

Charlie have been in the fitness industry for over 7 years, during that time he has competed in triathlons, CrossFit competitions and taken to the stage in Men’s Physique competitions.

Throughout all of these activities Charlie has always been fascinated by nutrition and the role it plays in performance and body composition. Through his own personal study, seeking out experts in the field from London, England to Melbourne, Australia and through real world application with his clients, Charlie has always sought to create nutrition programs that are both scientifically proven and practical.

Charlie has an extensive knowledge of applied nutrition proving many times over that it’s not about how much you know but how you can apply it in the real world.

Founder of CDB Fitness


Orlando Aragon (Jojo)

Master Trainer for Olympic Lifting and Rehab movement

Orlando is a well-renown figure in UAE’s fitness industry, and his popularity as a judge in local and international fitness competitions is proof of his reputation. Those who have trained with him will attest to his ability to create a motivating environment where anyone, from a nimble beginner to a high-level athlete, is driven to reach their goals. 

Orlando is more than a Personal Trainer, he is also a qualified Physio Therapist, a master trainer of fitness instructors and works as a professional mentor across the industry. With a hawk’s eye for picking up bad form, an hour in a group class with Orlando (also affectionately known as Jojo) can feel like an intense personalized programme to correct your technique. 

Whilst he has worked in the fitness industry for the past 14 years, each of his group classes benefits from his several years of experience as a Physio – getting you to get the best out of your body is Orlando’s key mission and the reasons why his classes are packed to the brim. With a busy schedule as a freelance instructor and PT across many of Dubai’s top gyms, Orlando also works as well as a Mobility and Rehab  Coach and still manages to dedicate time to his highly ambitious personal fitness regime. 

With extensive knowledge in fitness program design, instruction and fitness assessment procedures Orlando initiated and established the X-Fit regime across Fitness First centres in Dubai. As well as his B.Sc. in Physical Therapy, Orlando has a lengthy list of fitness qualifications, including various levels of Cross Fit, Boxing, TRX, Pilates and Kettlebells to name a few.

Justin Walsh 

Master Trainer for Rehab Movement

Born and raised in Dubai, Justin has always been involved in both competitive and recreational sports. As a competitive international athlete, it gave Justin first hand experiences on how to effectively train for, but also recover, manage and return to sport from injury. 

This helped him to realize his passion to help others return and improve on previous levels of activity. While completing his degree in Sports and Exercises Science at the University of Exeter in the UK, he worked along side the Exeter Chiefs Strength and Conditioning staff and sport science team. 

In Dubai, Justin works at Up and Running Sports Integrated Medical Center as both a manual therapist (sports massage, Trigger point therapy and IASTM) and a Strength and Conditioning coach. The combination of both trades allows him to effectively rehabilitate, coach and improve clients performance.

Personally, he has taken a huge interest in movement and the correct movement archetypes that humans need to be able to perform. His knowledge in manual therapies and self myo-fascial release comes into its own when restoring these movement patterns, in performance and rehabilitative settings.


Yana Velinova 

Master Trainer for Rehab Yoga

My name is Yana and I am a yogi and a life coach.

I discovered yoga 7 years ago, when I was going through a rough time in my life, clearly neglecting my health. I had severe back issues and insomnia, migraines, anxiety. I decided to go to a yoga class mainly to “stretch” my back. Soon after the first session I experienced the healing benefits of yoga – my back was feeling so much better, I was in a very happy and relaxed state of mind, and I could easily relax at night and sleep. I continued doing yoga daily and my life improved so much that I wanted to spread its healing power and let more people know about it.

I believe that all emotional limitations manifest in the physical body as pain and different conditions. Yoga is a way of life, which unites the mind, the body and the soul. Through yoga we relax the mind, heal the body and elevate the soul. I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and my experience through yoga with everyone interested to know more.

My preferred style of teaching is Hatha Yoga. I am also a Prenatal Yoga Teacher and a life coach. My personal practice is traditional Ashtanga yoga.


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