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Jonathan Mills - Founder of Rehab Revolution

Being in the fitness industry for over 17 years I have learnt a lot and seen a lot, I have learnt how to train and not to train, I have learnt that you cannot rely on what you hear and see. The great thing about the fitness industry is its continuously innovating and updating so, as a trainer, coach, instructor or industry expert we can’t afford to sit back on what we know or think we know.

We must keep learning, we must keep growing and we can never let our ego get in the way of what is important and that is to service our customers. The more we learn and implement what we learn, the better we can service our clients.

This is why I created Rehab Revolution, I wanted to give back and share my knowledge and skills with people who could go on and share it with others and so on and so on.

 Education is a gift to be shared and as Nelson Mandela once said

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

 It is now my turn to change the world but offering quality education for anyone in the fitness industry that will help give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to provide exceptional service to their clients.

About Rehab Revolution 

Rehab Revolution offers quality education not only to fitness professionals but also to the general public to help enhance performance. It is founded based on years of experience and industry expertise to help bridge a gap between classroom and client.

Designed to be a lifelong investment by providing lifetime online access to education, bonus content and access to our community to add ongoing value.

The education we offer is easy to understand and even easier to implement no matter how much experience you have in the fitness industry.

To keep up to date on upcoming courses and new developments follow us on instagram @rehab.revolution and facebook @rehabrevolution

If you want to future proof your body then this is the place for you so be humble, be teachable and always be willing to learn.





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