As a Certified Olympic Lifting Coach, you will be able to confidently demonstrate, coach and deliver the different types of Olympic lifts. Not only will you be able to teach this to others but you will have the knowledge and understanding to improve physical performance and maximize potential.

Technique needs to be safe and effective. If you spend the time perfecting your technique, then you will be able to lift heavier weight. When it comes to lifting weights, there should always be a warm up involved. This course will help you or your client to get more out of your lifts by preparing the body and optimizing performance. You will learn this though a series of mobility exercises. You will also analyze posture and flexibility issues which may affect Range of Movement (ROM) along with key teaching points in order to correct this. Some clients may not have the full ROM, so focusing on enhancing their mobility though a series of stretching, foam rolling and dynamic movement patterns will benefit them.

The 5 lifts you will be taught are:

1. Squat

2. Deadlift

3. Shoulder Press

4. Clean & Press (Jerk)

5. Snatch

Over the 2 days you will gain knowledge on how to prime the body for these lifts and how to maximise performance by mobilizing, stabilizing and activating the body to lift saftley and effectively.



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