As a Rehab Movement Coach, you will be able to confidently assess your clients through a range of Static and dynamic movement tests to determine any imbalances, pain, mobility or stability problems your client may have.

Using a range of methods including, foam rolling, Hands on therapy techniques, muscle activation and joint re-positioning you will be able to help your clients manage their pain and correct their movement patterns to allow them to exercise with pain free movement and future proof their bodies

As a Rehab Movement coach, you will also be able to program safe and effective exercises for clients with a range of injuries including, Shoulder impingement, .ACL/Meniscus issues, tendonitis just to name a few…

The ultimate role of a Rehab Movement coach, is continuous learning, once you are certified you are expected to build on the knowledge and skills you have learnt and to keep up to date with current developments to keep providing high quality service to your clientele.

Throughout the 3-day Rehab movement coach course you will learn:

• How to assess clients using the Rehab Movement testing process

• How to take the results from the test and program safely and effectively for the needs of your client

• How to foam roll effectively to prime the body for exercise

• How to apply hands on therapy techniques safely to provide a positive change in your client’s pain management and postural correction

• How to activate weak muscles using resistance bands to balance out the body

• How to safely mobilise joints that have become restricted

(This course does not qualify you as a physiotherapist)


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