One of the fundamental aims of this course is to continue to bridge and narrow the gap between personal trainers and health care providers such as physiotherapists and sport therapists. 

To gain the skills necessary to manage our clients pain, movement limitations and movement quality, both in the gym and in general life. 

To show you safe and effective methods to train clients with a variety of movement, coordination or pain limitations. 

Throughout the course you will learn: 

• How to asses clients through common gym movements and patterns 

• How to modify exercises based on a clients movements capabilities 

• Further develop your soft tissue release techniques and knowledge 

• Gain a deeper understanding of how integrated muscles, facia, joints  and the whole soft tissue systems are. 

• Banded distraction techniques 

• Exercises that can be use to rehab and strength train clients to create structural balance 

• Develop your strength training knowledge 

This course will give you:

- 13CPD points

- Extensive training manual

- Equipment 

- Free refreshers


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