Yoga is by definition therapeutic. According to Patanjali all practitioners of yoga are undergoing therapy, whether it is for spiritual alignment, mental or physical illness.

Yoga is not simply stretching. It teaches us how to live, the philosophy of life, how to obtain a calm state of mind regardless of the outside events. In today’s age, when stress is number one reason for disease and sickness, yoga does just that. It prepares us to turn inside and connect mind and body without allowing the circumstances of everyday life to affect us negatively.

Practicing yoga regularly helps to calm the fluctuations of the mind. It also helps with the unhealthy physical patterns we have. If injuries are caused by repetitive movements at work or muscle imbalances due to sports, the physical practice of yoga neutralises the daily effects of it and can prevent injuries.

The poses not only tone and strengthen the body, they affect all muscles, joints, ligaments, tissues and nerves. It brings the whole body to balance, boosts metabolism, balances lymphatic circulation and hormone secretion.

Now days, the average person mainly uses one plain of movement – the sagittal plane. Yoga gives a balanced mix of all planes of motion which is so necessary for healthy body.

Yoga practice can be personalised to improve everyone’s own needs and circumstances.

In addition, yoga poses can be used to purely assess one’s correct alignment and misalignment, investigate functional movements and furthermore create a practice of poses which will help heal and reprogram movement patterns.

Over the course of the day you will learn a range of poses to help correct body alignment, fix postural imbalances and increase flexibility and range of motion to help prevent injuries.

(This course Does not qualify you as a yoga instructor)


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