Why Choose Us?

When choosing an education provider, it is critical that you select a company that…

1. Continuously improves and updates

You want to choose a company that takes the feedback from the students to improve and develop future training to a high standard as well as constantly innovates to find easier ways for students to learn and implement their knowledge.

2. Has highly educated and experienced master trainers 

We provide master trainers with the highest quality of knowledge and over 50 years of experience to teach our students to get the best possible results.

3. Greater focus on the customer than the bottom line

We pride ourselves on offering as much value to our students buy providing free equipment, free resources and information and free refresher courses.

4. Has a progression route

We provide multiple levels of training for trainers and coaches to build a foundation of knowledge progressing to our more advanced courses to help them stand out from the average fitness professional.

5. Real-world Proven knowledge

The knowledge we teach has be tried and tested by our master trainers with a track record of proven results in the real world.



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